PDC09 – Pre-Conference – Windows 7 BootCamp Part 1/6 – Introduction

Introduction to the Windows 7 BootCamp

Key Windows Kernel Changes

  • Performance
    • Footprint reduction
    • Memory optimizations
    • Working set management improvements
    • Perftrack
  • Power efficiency
    • Core Parking
      • Trying to make cores going to sleep if they are not needed
    • Unified Background Process Manager
    • Timer Coalescing
    • Tick Skipping
  • Reliability
    • Fault Tolerant Heap
    • Process Reflection
    • Native VHD
      • Ability to mount and manage VHDs
      • Boot-from-VHD
    • Scalability
      • Simultaneous Multithreading Improvements
      • User Model Scheduling
      • Support for > 64 logical processors
      • Lock removal, including PFM, dispatcher locks
  • Security
    • New UAC operating models
    • Managed Service accounts
      • Allows a service to run isolated form other services
    • Bitlocker-to-go
      • Extends the  previous versions in order to encrypt USB disks and we can use it in any other OS since it launches the Bitlocker-To-Go plugin in order to get access to the elements of the USB disks
    • Windows Biometric Framework
    • App Locker
    • Auditing improvements
      • New Object global auditing in order to get information about why the user has or doesn’t have access to same information

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