PDC09 – Pre-Conference – Windows Bootcamp Part 5/6 – Windows 7 Libraries Integration


  • In previous versions of windows, users managed files in known folders locations
    • Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos
  • People store data “all over the place”
    • 54% of digital content lives outside the user profile
    • Most uses do both
    • Store content on net work shares
      • Home Groups
  • Allows us to specify which folders make the library
  • “Libraries are declarations where users can find and organize data collected from multiple folders”

“Under the Hood”

  • Library is kept in a file
    • Important: Don’t work with the file
  • Libraries is similar to a folder but only look at the folders

Integrating with Libraries

  • Common File Dialog
    • When we save a file on a Library by default is going to be saved into the default save location defined in the Library configuration
    • The new Common file dialog have built-in support for Libraries
    • Win32
      • Use IFileDialog native APIs
      • Do not use GetOpenFileName and SaveFileName

Library APIs

  • Shell APIs are COM Bases
  • User the Library objects, interfaces and functions you should
  • To Load Library
    • IShellLibrary
    • LoadLibraryFromKnownFolder
  • Shell Helper Functions (ShHelper.h)
  • ShellLibrary Class in the Windows API CodePack for Managed Code
  • SLUtil.exe is a command-line tools that enables us to manage libraries
    • More samples here.

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