PDC09 – Day One – Software + Services Identity Roadmap Update

Announcement: WIF – Windows Identity Foundation RTW

Interesting Changes

  • “Genera” Server is now called “Active Directory Federation Services 2.0” and comes as part of Windows Server 2008 and not separately.
  • “Genera” Framework is now called “Windows Identity Foundation” and is an extension for .NET
  • Windows CardSpace “Geneva” is now called “Windows CardSpace 2.0” and is the usage of WIF with CardSpace

Microsoft Dynamics CRM “5”

  • Identity Challenges
    • Custom Authentication
    • Grant Access to users at partner organizations
    • Mash up: single sign on across applications and across companies
    • Support browser, rich and mobile clients
  • Now using WIF and ADFS 2.0 in order to get the Challenges solved

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010

  • Identity Challenges
    • Identity Flow
      • Client
      • Web Server
      • App Server
      • Sharepoint Content
      • Back-End Web Services
    • Use Customer Identity Provider
      • Several Authentication Providers like
        • Integrated Authentication
        • ASP.NET Membership
        • Live ID
        • Custom Membership
    • Automatic & Secure identity delegation
    • Authorization over Application specific roles
    • “No-credential” access to WebService


  • Authorization – .NET ACS CTP
  • OpenID
    • Key part of the Identity Management System
      • 50.000 destination sites
      • US Government sites to be OpenID enabled
    • Major portals are OpenID providers
      • Yahoo, Google
    • Challenges
      • Usability
      • Security
      • Client Software
  • ‘M’ Model : System Identity
    • Allow more interesting queries in terms of security tracking

Very interesting topics and certainly to keep seeing more information about it.

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