PDC09 – Day One – SQL Azure Present & Futures

Data Platform as a Service

In the future will have Reporting, Data Analytics

SQL Azure Database

  • Relational Database service
    • SQL Server technology foundation
    • Scalable
    • Symmetrical

SQL Azure Provisioning

  • Each account has zero or more servers
    • Azure wide provisioned in a common portal
    • Billing instrument
  • Each server has one or more databases
    • contains metadata about the databases
    • Unit of authentication and security
    • Unit of Geo-location
    • The server is a logical grouping of you DBs
  • Each database has standard SQL Object
    • Unit of consistency
    • Contains users, tables, views, indexes, and so on,

Global Availability

  • North Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • North and South USA


  • Goal: Provide and end-to-end experience for enterprise departmental apps and Saas ISVs scenarios
  • Improved Tools
    • Today we have
      • VS, SSMS, ADO.NET, ADO.NET Data Service
  • Data Backups
    • Multiple replicas of all databases with automatic failover. System backups for additional protection
    • Use Database Clone to create a clone of the Database with every capabilities of the original one
    • During 1H 2010
  • Continuous Backups
    • Configurable retention and lag period
    • Backups available for read operations
    • Local and regional options
    • During 2H 2010
  • Operational Models
    • SaaS
      • Provisioning APIs for ISVs
      • Template database support
      • Meta-data tracking
      • Additional billing scenarios
    • Scale-out support –Today
      • Databases and workloads partitioning is a classic
        • Better price/performance
        • Levels of throughput not possible with a single machine
      • What SQL Azure addresses
        • Highly available service on top of commodity hardware
        • Zero administration
  • There will be available several options and the 10GBs of space is not an issue

Customer Feedback

  • Add support for profiler, DMV’s
  • and much more

Codename “Vidalia”

  • Sharing to trustworthy collaboration
    • Cloud is a grate place to connect
    • Empowers multiple parties
    • Businesses need control

Very interesting demos, need to see more about it.

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