PDC09 – Day One – Code Visualization, UML and DSLs

Cameron Skinner – Product Manager in Visual Studio, responsible for the Architecture Tools in VS2010 Why? Complexity remains a serious problem Found everywhere Code Requirements Organizational Politics and so on… VS2010 attacks these problems by increasing Shared understanding between team members the understanding of existing systems the ability to gain and maintaining the control over it Who? Developers are trying to understand existing code focused on the “right fix” Architects are trying to understand the Domain and how it relates to implementation get the solution for the existing projects Product Capabilities “Understand the Code” Architecture Explorer Sequence Diagram Generation DGML … Continue reading PDC09 – Day One – Code Visualization, UML and DSLs

PDC09 – Day One – SQL Azure Present & Futures

Data Platform as a Service In the future will have Reporting, Data Analytics SQL Azure Database Relational Database service SQL Server technology foundation Scalable Symmetrical SQL Azure Provisioning Each account has zero or more servers Azure wide provisioned in a common portal Billing instrument Each server has one or more databases contains metadata about the databases Unit of authentication and security Unit of Geo-location The server is a logical grouping of you DBs Each database has standard SQL Object Unit of consistency Contains users, tables, views, indexes, and so on, Global Availability North Europe Southeast Asia North and South USA … Continue reading PDC09 – Day One – SQL Azure Present & Futures

PDC09 – Day One – Application Server Technologies – Present & Future

Cloud: Fifth Generation of computing Cloud – 2010+ SOA – 2000s Web – 1990s Client-Server – 1980s MainFrame – 1970s Technology Disruptions Cheap Processing and Storing Virtualization Advances in Networking Advances in Web Technologies Emerge of Service Platforms Application Trends Service-Oriented Composite Applications Model Driven Scale-out Elastic Failure Resilient Always available Multi-tenant Staged Production AppFabric Windows Server and Windows Azure platform Composition Bases Windows Azure or Windows Server with Microsoft .NET Framework Available Main Capabilities High Availability Scale Out Multi-Tenant Management High Level Services Service Bus Caching Workflow Hosting Services Hosting Monitoring Access Control 2010 Wave WCF and WF Customer … Continue reading PDC09 – Day One – Application Server Technologies – Present & Future

PDC09 – Day One – Software + Services Identity Roadmap Update

Announcement: WIF – Windows Identity Foundation RTW Extensions to .NET for claim-based identity http://www.microsoft.com/wif Interesting Changes “Genera” Server is now called “Active Directory Federation Services 2.0” and comes as part of Windows Server 2008 and not separately. “Genera” Framework is now called “Windows Identity Foundation” and is an extension for .NET Windows CardSpace “Geneva” is now called “Windows CardSpace 2.0” and is the usage of WIF with CardSpace Microsoft Dynamics CRM “5” Identity Challenges Custom Authentication Grant Access to users at partner organizations Mash up: single sign on across applications and across companies Support browser, rich and mobile clients Now … Continue reading PDC09 – Day One – Software + Services Identity Roadmap Update

PDC09 – Day One – Keynote 1

Ray Ozzie – Chief Software Architect Strategy Seamless experience through the several applications Silverlight Everywhere Mobile Notebooks and NetBooks TV’s News about Windows Live and Windows Phone during this next Spring in MIX’10 Platforms Windows Server Windows Azure Managing Software for all Platforms System Center Azure Roadmap Presentation of the concept – PDC 2008 New Release – PDC 2009 More than just Worker and Web Role, now supports any type of development Support for ZendFramework MySQL Java Php Eclipse Storage Automatic geographic replication based on the selected Locations Europe: Dublin and Amsterdam Features Entity group transactions Snapshots Copy Block blobs … Continue reading PDC09 – Day One – Keynote 1