Motion Detection with Silverlight 4

  After the release of Silverlight 4 Beta on PDC 2009, a lot as been seen about the new features of Silverlight and one of them has been the WebCam support and the possibility to interact with it in order to provide a way to affect our solution by using motion detection.

    And so in order for us to have a little fun, Adam Kinney developed a solution that allows us to “kick so bugs ass” by using the WebCam to analyse our movements in order to interact with the application.

   Have fun with the solution and watch the code in order to understand how we can develop some motion detection with our webcam in Silverlight 4. This is the post by Adam Kinney on his blog.

One thought on “Motion Detection with Silverlight 4

  1. Hi. could i get the coding for Motion Detection where the video must be recorded after detecting the motion

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