tMIX10 – Day Three – Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Azure – A Match Made for the Web

Design Patterns

  • Hosting Silverlight in the Cloud
    • ASP.NET website hosted in Windows Azure
    • XAP file hosted on the website, used in the browser
      • Like an on-premises website, but has the flexibility of the Cloud
  • Shared Storage Signature for WIndows Azure Storage
    • Use the FromConfigurationSetting static method from the CloudStorageAccount class
    • Create a SharedAccessPolicy to define the policy for how the key will be shared.

Tips and Tricks

  • Silverlight
    • Use .NET Framework 3.5 in the Cloud
    • ASP.NET MVC is recommended as the WebRole
    • Make sure you Install Static Content support in IIS
    • Smooth Streaming not supported yet on Windows Azure
  • WCF
    • For load-balanced considerations
      • Load balanced endpoint flags
      • Consider connections timeouts (1 minute)
        • Asynchronous patterns works well
      • PollingDuplexHttpBinding expects affinity
        • In this case you’ll need to store the client state yourself
    • Different port mappings in the cloud
      • Quick: Patch port mappings into auto-generated service reference
  • Other Windows Azure Platform Services
    • SQL Azure
      • SQL Database in the cloud
      • Provisioned on-demand with high-availability
      • No physical administration required
    • Windows Azure Platform AppFabric
      • Service Bus
        • Connect Asynchronously between on-premise services and cloud services
          • Firewall transversal with message rendezvous
      • Access Control
        • STS in the Cloud

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