MIX10 – Day One – The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

Michael S. Scherotter – Media Experience Evangelist – Microsoft Mail – mishero@microsoft Twitter – @synergist Blog – http://blogs.msdn.com/synergist Design Goals Out-of browser Offline applications Multiple Services Simultaneously Expression Blend A/B Testing SketchFlow Application Important to track the information about how customers are using our sketch. Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework Player Build upon Silverlight Behaviors Architecture Application with the Analytics Services and the TrackAction will contact the DataCollector element that will send the information to the Event Log element. If we are offline everything is working and the information will store all the information in the Isolated storage and whenever the … Continue reading MIX10 – Day One – The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

MIX10 – Day One – Keynote

Bing Maps Augmented Reality www.bing.com/maps and http://discoverbingmaps.com  Scott Guthrie Silverlight Media RIA Phone    In PDC09 Silverlight was installed in 45% of the machines, currently is on 60% Open Sourcing the Olympics Player RIA Now project Pivot is integrated in Silverlight 4 with a Pivot Control that will be shipped on the Toolkit Great Tooling VS2010 Full Silverlight Support Blend 4 Free upgrade from Blend 3 is you already have the version 3 Silverlight 4 RC is now available and RTW will be out next month Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Fully hardware accelerated Same programming model from the Silverlight. It’s … Continue reading MIX10 – Day One – Keynote