VS Connections 2010 – Day One – Keynote

Bob Muglia – President of Server and Tools Business  – Microsoft

Announcement: Release of Visual Studio 2010

“Get In the Zone”

  • Multi-monitoring
  • Box Selection
  • Extension Manager
  • JQuery Integration
  • HTML code snippets

“Get Current

  • Windows Platform
    • Windows 7
      • Takes advantage of the Multi-Touch
      • Develops using the Ribbon
      • Native Support
        • Animation API
        • Native Ribbon Designer integrated into VS2010
        • MFC Class Wizard is Back
        • Multi-touch and Advanced Gesture Support
  • Sharepoint
    • Build Sharepoint Sites
    • Build WebParts
    • Features
      • Packaging Automation
      • Use Server Explorer for explore all the Sharepoint Site contents
      • Linq-to-Sharepoint
      • Real Debug Support
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Azure
    • Windows Azure & Mobile Integration
    • WCF Sinks
    • EntityFramework support on Azure
  • SQL Server
    • A new Major release will be available in a few weeks


“Great Team Work

Announcement: Visual Studio Team Explorer Everywhere

  • Works on Several platforms, IDEs, and OS
  • ALM tools
    • Dependency Graph
    • Sequence Diagram – UML 2.1 compliant
    • Microsoft Test Manager
      • Creates the notion of an Actionable Bug
      • Capability to see
        • replay of what was done when the bug was generated
        • the steps to replay the bug
        • replay the tests that were already done to see be sure the bug was solved
    • IntelliTrace
      • Gives the capability to debug application with the code that was working when the trace was made.
    • Integration with Sharepoint
      • Availability of Dashboards about Project Status reports
    • Virtualized Test Environment

Step up Program is available until the end of April

  • You buy a lower end subscription of MSDN and get the next level edition for free

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