Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal – Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework – 360° look

   It has been a while since I last wrote about my Microsoft TechDays 2010 Portugal sessions, and being really true, it’s been a while since I wrote anything at all, but here I go now of to another start in writing.

  So another session that I did at the Portuguese TechDays 2010 event was about Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework, and this was done with my friend Ricardo Castelhano. The purpose of this presentation was to give a 360° view of this new Silverlight Framework and what it could mean for our solutions. And as you know Analytics is a very important part of our applications, and I’m not only talking about analytics of page hits, or that sort of things that normally Marketing people want measured, because we need more than that. Imagine if we could understand how our application is working by using this Analytics capabilities, and by doing that we would be instrumenting our application. This was exactly what we talked about.

  The summary of this session is the following:

  • Design Goals
    • Support All the possible usages of Silverlight Applications, and not only when they are on the browser
    • Support for multiple analytics services to work simultaneously without impacting the Performance
    • Giving Support for Designers to easily use this framework
    • Support A/B Testing
    • Support for event SketchFlow prototypes
    • Support for Silverlight Media Framework
  • Architecture
    • At this level what happens is that we have 3 (three) elements associated with the way this works, and those are:
      • Silverlight Control
        • Object that will be analyzed
      • Data Collector
        • Element that will receive every analysis information and send it to the right Event Log
      • Event Log
        • Element that will receive and store the analysis information
        • Ex. Event Viewer
  • How does this work?
    • All Silverlight Analytics Framework objects are really Silverlight Behaviors that interact with some specific element
  • Extensibility
    • There are 3 (three) ways that this framework is being extended, and those are:
      1. Analysis Services
        • This includes the creation of new behaviors
        • Several Microsoft Partners and other vendors are doing this for us
      2. Control Vendors
      3. Visual Studio Templates
        • Templates that are available for Visual Studio in order to ramp-up the new analytical behaviors.
  • Partners
    • Launch Partners
      • Included in the Framework installer
        • AT internet
        • Comscore
        • GlanceGuide
        • Google Analytics
        • Nedstat
        • Preemptive Solutions
        • Quandcast
      • Supported by Control library
        • Telerik
    • Additional Committed Partners
      • Anvato
      • Conviva
      • Nielsen
      • Skytide
      • Visible Measures
      • Webtrends
      • Unica
      • Infragistics
  • ShowCase
    • RTL Gemist
  • Platforms
    • Silverlight
    • WPF
  • Release Information
    • Beta Release at MIX10
      • Silverlight 3
      • Blend 3
      • VS2008
      • Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework 1.0
      • Smooth Streaming Media Element
    • SDK RTW
      • Silverlight 4
      • Blend 4
      • VS2010
      • Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework 1.0
      • Smooth Streaming Media Element
  • Availability

You can find this presentation here and on SlideShare:

I would enjoy very much to hear your thoughts about this presentation.

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