Debugging Windows Azure Application with IntelliTrace

  Microsoft introduced IntelliTrace in the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition, and was previously called Historical Debugger, since it provides a way to debug historical data, because it provides a way to save information needed to provide a Debugging capabilities even if we aren’t using live code, or capable to reproduce a specific behavior.    This capability is very important when we use it locally on our machines, but when we look at the Cloud where we don’t know what’s really happening this is much more important, and so this is how we can use IntelliTrace to Debug Windows Azure … Continue reading Debugging Windows Azure Application with IntelliTrace

Silverlight FireStarter – Keynote

Scott Guthrie – VP @ Microsoft Sample Applications built on Silverlight 4.0 SAP Xerox Siemens Dell … – Facebook applicator by Telerik Investments HTML 5 Silverlight WPF Silverlight Future Silverlight 5 Major new release with new enhancements: Media Hardware video decode TrickPlay – variable speed for video and audio Better Power Management Remote Control Experience At the Server Side of things: IIS Media Services 4.0 Smooth Streaming to Windows Phone 7 and iPhone Low-Latency Live Streaming Management Silverlight Media Framework app for Windows Phone 7 available on CodePlex Announcement IIS Media Services Support for Windows Azure Applications Customer Story: … Continue reading Silverlight FireStarter – Keynote