MIX11 – Session Review – Powering Data on the Web and Beyond with SQL Azure

David Robinson (Senior Lead Program Manager)

SQL Azure Relational Database

  • Based on SQL Server 2008 R2 engine
  • Use same tools and data access frameworks
  • Six global datacenters
  • High Availability & Redundancy
    • Reads are completed at the primary
    • Writes are replicated to a quorum of secondaries

SQL Azure Roadmap

  • MIX08
    • Introduced SQL Server Data Services (ACE type)
  • MIX09
    • Introduce SQL Data Services (Real Relational Database)
  • MIX10
    • New Features announced
      • 50 GB Database
      • PHP Support
      • MARS support
      • OData Endpoint Preview
      • Geo Spatial Data Types


  • Razor view Engine which provides a very streamlined syntax for writing clean and concise views.
  • Improved support for Dependency Injection
  • Global Action Filters
  • jQuery based Unobtrusive Ajax and Client Validation
  • ViewBag property for dynamic access to ViewData
  • Support for view engine selection in the New Project and Add View dialog

Extending the Reach of Data

  • This is achieved using ODATA protocol
  • Cloud Data Services
    • Windows Azure Tables
    • SQL Azure
    • Windows Azure MarketPlace DataMarket
  • Powering Web/AJAX Experiences
    • Consuming ODATA via jQuery & JSON
  • Powering Windows Phone 7
    • ODATA libraries available for Windows Phone 7
  • Powering Interoperability on Other platforms

Why does Performance matters?

  • More responsive applications
  • Faster page load times
    • 8 seconds vs 3 seconds
  • Higher interactivity – new type of applications
  • Better User Experience – more $$$$

SQL Azure Data Sync

  • Sync within the Cloud
  • Read scale-out via multiple copies
    • reporting
    • web site reference data
  • Read-write scale-out via multiple copies:
    • ex. geo located web apps
  • Same or different data centers
  • Key features
    • No-Code sync configuration
      • Easily define data to be synchronized and locations
      • Choose how often data is synchronized
    • Full Data Synchronization Capabilities
      • Two-way sync of same data, as well as one-way sync
    • Conflict Handling
      • Detect and resolve conflicts caused by the same data being changed in multiple locations
    • Logging and Monitoring
      • Administration capabilities for tracking usage
    • Scale
      • Service scales as resources requirements grow
  • Currently there are 2 CTPs available
    • CTP 1 publicly available
    • CTP 2 invitation only
    • CTP 3 will be available by the end of the summer and will be feature complete

Geo Available Applications

  • Windows Azure Traffic Manager
    • This will help handle geo-locating SQL Azure Databases
    • This will manage the traffic
  • SQL Azure Data Sync
    • Syncs the SQL Azure Databases between regions

CY11 Investment Themes

  • Managed Services
    • Data Protection / Recovery
      • Local Backup/Point in Time Restore: to recover from user/apps errors
      • Geo Backup/Disaster Recovery from data center/geographical disasters
    • New Data Movement Capabilities
      • DB Import/Export of data and schema between SQL Azure and SQL Server
      • Migration Support to SQL Azure from Sybase, in addition to existing support for Access, MySQL and Oracle
    • Enhanced Management Experiences
      • Enhanced portal based experiences
      • Multiple DB administrators per subscriptions to support enterprise scenarios
  • Scale on Demand
    • Scale-out with Federations
      • Scale to virtually unlimited size to host very large databases across multiple servers
      • Better support for multi-tenant applications with numerous tenants
    • Scale-up and Scale-down Databases
      • Scale beyond 50GB and less than 1GB
    • Performance Predictability
      • Reserve compute capacity with Resource SLA
    • Enhanced multi-tenancy support
      • API level support for multiple DB server per subscription, provisioning & de-provisioning
  • Faster Innovation
    • Rich Insights with Reporting as a Service
      • Ability to author rich reports, host in Azure and view in on-premise or cloud apps
    • Spanning Apps with Sync Service
      • Synchronize data between SQL Azure DBs between SQL Azure & SQL Server
    • Rich Developer Experiences
      • Professional Devs: VS “Juneau”
      • Department Devs: LightSwitch
      • Java Devs: supported JDBC driver
      • International Devs: Localized Azure Portal
    • Data Market Enhancements
      • International rollout
      • Enhanced Content Management
      • Integration with Denali, Office and CRM


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