MIX11 – Session Review – Advanced Features in Silverlight 5

Nick Kramer (Senior Program Manager in the Silverlight Team) nkramer@microsoft.com Agenda Unrestricted File Access In Silverlight 4 trusted Apps can access Documents Music Pictures Videos Silverlight 5 Trusted Aps can access everything Using Standard System.IO classes Trusted Apps In-Browser SL4: has OOB apps run in trusted with user consent SL5: in-browser trusted apps with admin consent Set permissions via group policy No prompts or installs familiar navigation model can be part of a large HTML site Feature Sandboxed App Trusted SL4 App Trusted SL5 App Prompt-free No Yes Yes Cross domain networking No Yes Yes Full keyboard in fullscreen mode … Continue reading MIX11 – Session Review – Advanced Features in Silverlight 5

MIX11 – Day Two Keynote – Silverlight Part

Scott Guthrie (Corporate Vice President) In December Silverlight 5 was announced New Features Media Hardware decode Integrating with IE9 Hardware accelerated graphics TrickPlay Remote Control Better Text Quality New 3D Api Uses the familiar XNA 3D APIs 64 bits version Projection Project 2D Objects in 3D Space Binding in Style Setters Implicit Data Templates DataBinding Debugging Breakpoints inside XAML The Source code for the Demo shown will be available in the near future. Announcing: Silverlight 5 Beta, Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Tools for Silverlight 5, Microsoft Expression Blend 5

MIX11 – Day Two Keynote – Windows Phone 7 Part

Joe Belfiore (Corporate VP) Passionate Community (#wp7dev) www.youtube.com/windowsphone video done by Brandon Foy – @brandonfoy – brandonfoy.tv Windows Phone 7 Updates Why are the updates later then expected? Problems with some vendor phones with some problems from the factory. Who decides when an update can actually ship? For open phones Microsoft ships updates directly For Operator Phones they require the Operator Testing Process Approval   Current Nearly 12.000 apps in the MarketPlace currently   Future / Next Steps Significant update in the fall. Codename Mango Features in Mango for Developers Opportunity Areas that Microsoft is working on: Ecosystem Countries Discoverability … Continue reading MIX11 – Day Two Keynote – Windows Phone 7 Part

MIX11 – Day One Keynote – Developer Platform Part

Scott Guthrie ( Corporate Vice President ) Shipped over the Last 12 months: Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET 4.0 ASP.NET MVC 3 WebMatrix & IIS Express Razor Syntax Launched the nuGet project Contributed for Open Source projects like jQuery ASP.NET MVC 3 Announced Today a Refresh for ASP.NET MVC 3 tools that include: HTML 5 jQuery 1.5 + Modernizr Entity Framework 4.1 (Shipping officially today) Includes the CodeFirst capability Scaffolding support in VS2010 Preinstalled nuGet Packages WebMatrix Popular WebMatrix Helpers Facebook PayPal Twitter TemplateMonster.com WuFoo polldaddy bit.ly UserVoice get Satisfaction Scribd DISQUS Foursquare PlanCast EventBrite GroupOn Web Application Ecosystem Several OpenSource … Continue reading MIX11 – Day One Keynote – Developer Platform Part