MIX11–Day One Keynote – Internet Explorer Part

Dean Hachamovitch (Corporate Vice President) HTML5: Native Windows Real-World HTML5 Applications Features GPU Acceleration Site Pinning JumpLists Integration SVG Integration Applications FourSquare DirectorsCut PacMan Test Drive Site: PaintBall Application Moving the Web Forward. How? Embrace Emerging Web Technologies Make them Competitive with “Native Applications” Use Hardware Acceleration Make them Site-Ready Use the Same Markup Embrace Web Standards Listen to Community Engagement Deliver Platform Previews IE9 Patterns Included Elements Standards HTML5 Inline SVG, Parsing Rules, XHTML, Selection APIs, Canvas, Audio & Video, Semantic Tags, Geolocation SVG 1.1 A document as image or object, inline in HTML CSS 3n Selection, Namespaces, Colors, … Continue reading MIX11–Day One Keynote – Internet Explorer Part