Session Review – Windows Azure – From Startup to the Cash Cow

Luis Alves Martins (Architect Evangelist @ Microsoft Portugal)

How do we Start?

  • Think BIG / Globally
    • Multi-Language
    • Multi-Currency
  • Start SMALL
    • Start building things step by step, instead of trying to conquer all at once
    • Think only on the Application and Data instead of all of those and also Hardware, Hardware Management, and so on.

How to Get Windows Azure?

    • Microsoft BizSpark Program (Startup with less than 3 years)
    • MSDN Subscriptions (Microsoft Partner Benefit)
    • Windows Azure Subscriptions
    • Windows Azure Pay-as-you-Go

Why Azure?

  • Cost
  • Agility
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Expertise
    • Join the expertise that you already have about developing solutions and Managing Data and connect that with the Expertise by Microsoft on Managing Data Centers
  • Symmetry
    • Cloud SQL Azure Windows Azure
      On-Premise SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or greater
  • Platform Continuum
    • The same code in Traditional DataCenters, Public or Private Windows Server, Windows Azure, Azure Appliance
      • This can happen if we have some considerations prior to beginning the development
  • It’s a natural Evolution, not Revolution
    • Step forward in terms of:
      • Costs
      • Economy of Scale
      • Don’t think about the Machines and the Hardware

Business Model

  • Without any change:
    • Customer pays for the software
    • Customer buys its own Windows Azure Account
  • Provide SaaS
    • Customer pays for the solution that already includes the Windows Azure costs

Windows Azure Internals Interesting facts

Pricing is easy (Example)

  • Compute       =       42,52 €/month (1 role – no Licensing fees)
  • Data             =       7,085 €/GB/month  (SQL)
  • Transfer       =        0,1064 €/GB/month

How to Start with Azure?

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