Satya Nadella – President of Server and Tools Business @ Microsoft

Connected Devices and Continuous Services

  • Design Point
    • Elastic resources
    • Composable services
    • data as a namespace
      • Expose data as a first class namespace for other developers to use
    • identity & access
    • continuous delivery
  • This design point was the base for building Windows Azure and the Windows Server 8

Scenario: Building a Metro-Style Application with Jason Zander – Corporate VP, Visual Studio @ Microsoft

  • Visual Studio 2010 & Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio – September
    • Managed Service Configurations
      • Allow you to create several configurations for the same cloud service, like Staging, QA, Production, and so on.
    • Advanced Diagnostics, including profiling is now available on Windows Azure
    • Visual Studio 11 has now the Productivity tools included in the base and not has an extension
    • Now available to search for Copy & Paste code, even small sections of the code
    • Visual Studio 11
      • Designer for DirectX also available with supports for effects, alpha blending, and more.
      • Diagnostics of DirectX viewing that gives you the frames that were rendered
      • Diagnostics from DirectX views included with call stack


  • Visual Studio 2011 Developer Preview
  • Windows Azure SDK 1.5
  • Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

App Platform and Application LifeCycle Management (ALM)

  • Application Platform – Scott Guthrie – Corporate VP, Server & Tools Business @ Microsoft
    • ASP.NET MVC 4
      • new Style for the default site, and with security and more elements already wired up.
      • DOM Explorer also available for Web Apps
      • HTML Inspector is now available inside Visual Studio
      • Live Design to enable the Page Inspector as a different Pane that allows you to view the Page Inspector and the code side by side.
      • Bundeling and Minification
        • we reference a folder and it bundles on the server side all the contents of the folder and send it to the customer as a single and minified file
      • Async and away language capabilities available on C# and VB.NET
        • Enhances greatly the performance both in .NET 4.5 and Windows Server 8
      • There’s a new Mobile ASP.NET MVC template to create a new Mobile app, and also we can start using a already build ASP.NET MVC 4 project and mobile enhance it using:
        • jQuery.Mobile.MVC NuGet Package
          • jQuery.Mobile will shipped as now part of the ASP.NET and Visual Studio from now on.
          • This also adds a new file called _Layout.Mobile.cshtml
            • Will override the layout when the site is called by a mobile device
          • Supports iPhone, Windows Phone or Android
    • .NET 4.5 and Windows Server 8 support WebSockets deeply
      • WebSocket API in .NET 4.5 that allows us to connect to WebSocket from everywhere.
    • Deployment
      • Add Windows Azure Deployment Project is now available in every project type and will add immediately the Cloud Service project, configure and them deploy it to Windows Azure.
  • ALM – Jason Zander – Corporate VP, Visual Studio @ Microsoft
    • Hosted TFS Preview – Visual Studio Team Foundation Server in Windows Azure
      • SaaS – Software as a Service
      • Visual Studio 11 and ALM is using SCRUM Template
      • Easily add user stories, make the sprint planning, create tasks, Task Board in order to manage the stand up meetings
      • Works directly in Visual Studio 2010 with a specific patch



  • Windows Server 8
    • High availability & management
    • Virtualization & cloud
      • Built on top of a high availability platform
      • Taken some parts of Windows Azure into this version
    • App Platform
    • Identity & secure access
      • claims-base identity
    • Note: There is a huge symmetry between Windows Azure and Windows Server
    • Capabilities – Bryon Surace – Senior Project Manager @ Microsoft
      • Storage
        • New File Services Manager
        • Storage Spaces
        • You don’t need a Phd in Storage, just connect the disks
      • Networking
        • Multiple High-Speed NICS, previously available only on HPC
      • Virtualization
        • Hyper-V supports now using a virtual disk from a file share
        • Now in Windows Server 8 we can move a disk from one machine to a remote file share without stopping anything.


  • Windows Server 8 Developer Preview is already available for download

  • Windows Azure
    • High cadence of releases
    • Current features
      • Compute
      • Database
      • Storage
      • Virtual machines
      • CDN
      • Caching
      • Virtual Network
      • Service Bus
      • Marketplace
      • Business Intelligence
      • Access Control
    • Key services
      • Database Platform
        • Reporting
        • SQL Azure
        • SQL Server
        • Windows Azure Storage
        • SQL Data Sync
      • Data Marketplace
        • eBay uses Bing Translator DataSet from Data Marketplace to translate the texts
      • Access Control Service

Scenario: Build a Metro-Style application with Identity & Access Control using Windows Azure ACS – John Shewchuk – Technical Fellow @ Microsoft

  • How to Build the Margie’s Travel app with ACS
    • Using ACS and Windows 8 Security APIs
    • All of this code is available on the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8


Windows Azure Announcements

  • Windows Azure Service Bus September release
  • Windows Azure Geo-Replication now enabled by default in Windows Azure Storage
  • Windows Azure Marketplace Expansion
    • Additional 25 Countries available
    • New Bing Data

  • Hybrid Scenario – Jeff Sandquist (Senior Director, Channel Nine @ Microsoft) and Dan Fernandez (Senior Director @ Microsoft)
    • Using Service Bus Messaging
      • Topics ( Reliable Messaging )


Connected Devices and Continuous Services

  • Opportunity
    • Windows Azure
    • Windows Server 8
    • Visual Studio 11


Personal Notes

  This was a very interesting Keynote that showed up some very cool things, like Visual Studio 11 that looks very interesting, and very slick, Windows Server 8 that is really a Server OS that leverages the elasticity that we love in the cloud, and that can help a lot make our businesses better, but the things that really impressed me was the scale up and Hyper-V capabilities of it and that it was built to leverage and use the Windows Azure and Cloud lessons that we’ve learned and bring them into our company.

    Of course if you know me I’m a more Windows Azure guy and so Windows Azure was really very impressive also, and mainly the geo-replication of Windows Azure Storage is huge, because we now have the capability of having our storage replicated in more than one Windows Data Center, and this is done automatically without any need of change. This is huge in terms of disaster recovery and security of your data, since in the end of the day we don’t want to lose anything. Also the usage of Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus Messaging is very interesting and will enable us to make more reliable solutions that is very important. So I’d say, great job Microsoft and continue to invest on those and that leveraging between Windows Azure and Windows Server 8 is very interesting and I’ll dig more in order to see exactly how it will work.

    Finally the new capability that Windows Azure brings to allow that any project can be changed into a Cloud project with a single selection in the context menu is very good since it allows us to really start taking more Windows Azure into account.

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