Social Meet Up for ‘MEET Windows Azure’ on June 7th

So as you might already know, June 7th will be the ‘Meet Windows Azure’ event online where Scott Guthrie and other technologists from Microsoft will present the Windows Azure platform. This will surely be a great event and in order to make it even better Windows Azure MVP Magnus Mårtensson is thought about an initiative called MEET Windows Azure on Twitter (+ Beer) that will allow us to create a social discussion about all that we hear and create a way to answer questions and at the same time be ‘together’ discussing it. The beer part would be great. Smile

If you would like to participate in this unique event, here’s what you should do:


I think this will be a very nice opportunity to get to know Windows Azure and the great communities supporting this technology.

MEET Windows Azure Blog Relay:

We’ll definitely meet online and try to answer all your questions and learn also from you.

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