TechEd North America Keynote – Day 1 Rough Notes

Satya Nadella, President of Server and Tools Business @ Microsoft

It’s time for Microsoft to reinvent itself. Why?

  • Modern Data Center: New Hardware abstraction making the OS worry about Resource Management
  • Modern Apps

Converged Systems

  • Compute (multi-core, memory density, system density)
  • Storage (SSD, costs, ..)
  • Network

Services at internet scale

  • runs the world biggest apps
  • feedback loop
  • global scale, 24/6

Last week Bing was migrated into Windows Server 2012 RC

Modern Data Center

Inside the modern DC

  • Scalable & Elastic
    • 64 nodes & 4000 VMs
  • Always up and on
  • Shared resources
  • Automated & self service

Windows Server 2012

  • Scalable & Elastic
    • 64 virtual processes per VM, with up to 4000 VMs with HyperV 3.0
  • Always up and on
    • Ability to update the cluster without needing to take it down
  • Shared resources
    • Ability to have storage virtualization, network virtualization and isolation of workloads using policies
    • 64TB per virtual disk
  • Automated & self service


  • Windows Server 2012
  • 256 GB RAM, 80 logical processors, 5 HBAs,
  • About 985,000 IOPS from a single machine and it can be faster.
  • With ODX enabled you can get now around 1GB/sec without any Network utilization
  • Networking

Windows Azure

  • Scalable
    • Windows Azure VMs
    • Windows Azure Web Sites
    • Windows Azure Cloud Services
  • Always on
    • 99.95% SLA
    • Highly available
  • Shared Resources
    • Network Virtualization capability
  • Automated & Self-Services
    • Everything available through PowerShell and APIs


Modern Apps

Visual Studio 2012

  • Visual Studio LightSwitch inside Visual Studio by default
  • Announcement: LightSwitch has support for OData and also HTML5

New Lifecycle

  • Define
  • Develop
    • Sprint
  • Operate

Integration between Visual Studio Web Tests and System Center in order to use the same Web Test file to configure the monitoring and at the end debug problems back in Visual Studio with the Historical Debugger (IntelliTrace)


Windows Intune

  • Integrated with Windows Azure and AD
  • Self Service

Data-powered Apps

  • Any data, any size, anywhere
  • rich capabilities to reason over data. Add intelligence to your data like adding machine learning
  • Connect this data with other solutions. Capability to connect Excel to BigData

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