Advanced MooTree – Concept Proof

This is a sample I made for a recent project. The tree is based on Moro script with a few changes and a major improvement: a tools menu that enables add and remove actions directly on node.

Beside the tools menu its now possible to:

  • prevent a node from being dragged: drag:false
  • prevent a node from being a drop target: drop:false
  • prevent a node from being modified(keep structure intact): lock:true

The tools menu is render based in those flags:

  • if the node.parent is locked(lock:true) then the node is not electable for drag or for remove and the tools menu is empty
  • if the node is locked(lock:true) then isn't possible to add more nodes(either folder or file)

Remember this is just a concept proof, not a final release, but even so i believe it could be usefull. (67.92 kb)

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  1. Hi Servis, all blog content is mine. Sometimes I made reference to others content but I’m not reposting someone else posts or ripping someones intelectual property.

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