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I’ve been using BlogEngine.Net 1.4.0 since last week. It wasn’t easy to migrate and keep the blog stable. To keep things working I made 3 updates (1.4.06, and in one week.

Finally on Friday I decided to update my theme to make use of widgets. This was my I first draw back … my blog uses two sidebars and the BlogEngine.NET only suport ONE WidgetZone on the page.

I took almost the complete weekend to override this limitation and create an improved version of the widget framework that supports multiple WidgetZones.

I still have some issues to solve, such as the Drag’n’Drop of widgets, but all the rest is completely working and I currently using it on this blog. More on this will came soon.

After solve the WidgetZone issue I found out that the available widgets weren’t enough to accomplished my needs, so, I decide to improve the LinkList widget.

I needed to:

  • add support for rendering the class attribute to the anchor Html elements (see the sidebar Meta section)
  • add support for rendering an HyperLink (see the sidebar My Profiles section)

I can only say that it was really simple to create or extend an widget.

I submitted this changes on LinkList widget as a patch on BlogEngine.Net (ID 1504), and perhaps Mads adds them in some future release.

Meanwhile you can get the code here

24 Replies to “BlogEngine.NET – Improved LinkList Widget”

  1. Nice widget I would like to see a more post specific widget for links where it will look at the URL and post a list of links base on what would be relevant to the page.

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