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In order to complete my migration from 1.3 to 1.4 version I needed to replace the books control I had with a widget that do the same.

After a fast Google search I found no widget with such functionality.

Armed with lots of confidence I decided to create a new widget, the BookShelf widget, to meet my exact needs:

  • display the book thumbnail image
  • show the book name and book author name

The previous book control has been gently made available by John Dyer, and I simply didn’t worry about the layout, I used the old one with minor changes on binding.

books books_edit

This widget is obviously editable since I want to manage the books in the shelf, so I create an edit interface where its very simple to add, edit and remove books.

As a final note, I can simply reaffirm that work with widgets is very simple and straight forward.

Download, try it, and naturally let me now if it meet your needs too.

48 Replies to “BlogEngine.NET – BookShelf Widget”

  1. Hi Nuno.
    Great widget..just what I was looking for.
    I have just one sugestion: Replace the Float:left with display:inline, because when using float the element doesn’t take space, so in some themes (like mine) where the container has a background color it gets weird.

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    amo-te muito es lindo,tenho muitas fotos tuas sigo todos os passos da tua carreira e peço-te para não desistires do futebol.

  3. [b]Great extension!!!![/b] One thing I thought would be a good idea is to allow [i]13[/i] or [i]10[/i] digit ISBN’s. Either convert the [i]13[/i] digits to [i]10[/i] if possible (some can’t) or find a way to get [i]13[/i] digit ISBN pictures and convert [i]10[/i] digit ISBN’s to [i]13[/i] digit ISBN’s.

    Just starting up on my blog and loving the engine.

  4. Hey ,
    I love this widget! I’ve just installed it and works great! Thanks for the entertainment I’ve bookmarked your site. I’ll check back every so often to see whats happening with you..


  5. Just wanna say thank you for the information that you have been shared with us webmaster! Hope that this will not be the last article that I could be read written by you. Thanks again webmaster!

  6. Nice widget i liked it
    i want to modify this one inorder to customize it to upload my book pictures insted of third party url how we can modify this widet in order to upload our own books pics and entering autor details and displaying it

  7. Hi all
    Nice widget thanks

    i want to create a widget where i want show a pics of books and enter the details of book like author title etc and display it in front page
    showing the book pics like thumbnail
    it should have an option to upload images of pics of books
    if i click on book pics it should display the details of book how can i go abt it
    pls help me

  8. Hi there, I see you’re using Blog Engine quite successfully here.

    I run a little leadership books website and was wondering about whether it’s worth ‘upgrading’ to BlogEngine from wordpress or not, so I wondered whether you could give your opinion on whether you consider it an upgrade if its worth it for my leadership books site?

  9. Great tool Nuno. I had to switch from trying BlogEngine to WP on my main blog due to the fact that there aren’t as many plug n play tools and themes out there. It’s nice to see that BE is gaining in support and popularity with useful tools like this by developers like you. I will def use this. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful and beneficial to your readers.

  11. I agree with you about the editor. It is not great but it does not require a third party assembly. Look at our page you will notice that it links to a tinymce usercontrol. Simply create a user control that uses your html/text editor and update the htmleditor.ascx to point to your new html/text editor user control.

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