BitDiffer – Doing Assembly Differences

Two weeks ago, Paulo posted about “The Architecture Tool Space Keeps Growing“. On this post, Paulo talked about new tools and the continuous improvements in the existing ones.

Well, more recently I read this Scott Hanselman post. Here, Scott talk, apart several other things, about tools for doing Assembly Differences and between them there are new one called BitDiffer.

In the Scott tests, this tool crashed 🙁

Today, I took some time and install the BitDiffer version so I can explore a little.


Here are my thoughts:


  • Simple but yet complete UI
  • Fast – it took only a 3-5 seconds to compare two versions.
  • Includes a Command Line version


  • Exports only to HTML / XML format
  • Drag-And-Drop still not working
  • It’s not free

Final note

BitDiffer is very similar to Framework Design Studio in functionality but when coming to usability I think it’s more intuitive (even without the Drag-And-Drop).

If Gref Ennis add support for Drag-And-Drop and side-by-side comparing code changes, then I will definitely consider to buy it.