2010 Microsoft® MVP Award

It’s now official and public. I was reward with the MVP award in ASP/ASP.NET.

This award is a huge responsibility but is also a sign that shows the right way.

During last year I learned many things and also made some mistakes.

What I can say about next year is that my guidelines won’t change: learn, help and share.

Thanks everyone.

Tools – RedGate just release the new .NET Reflector 6.0 and .NET Reflector Pro

The long waiting, for RedGate to release the new official .NET Reflector version, is finally ended.

I must say that as far as I know (and I was an early adopter and usability tester), RedGate took special care with this new version, specially the new Reflector Pro version.

This new product (€145)  integrates the technology of .NET Reflector into Visual Studio to let you debug third-party code even if you don’t have the source.

You can say that this can also be done without this product, and it’s absolutely true, but the simplicity how the integration with Visual Studio (2005, 2008 or 2010) is done worth it .

I use this tool since the beta versions and I’m addicted 😉 … try it for yourself.