Set Administrator Password on Windows XP Home Edition

Don’t like Windows XP Professional Edition, the Home Edition doesn’t support log on normally with the administrator user account. You cannot find “Local Users and Groups” console in “Computer Management Console” either. If you want to change the “administrator” account’s password, you need to log on to safe mode with a user account with administrative permissions. Click “Start – Settings – Control Panel – User Accounts”, click on “Administrator” then click “Create a password” and follow the screen instructions to complete the process.

Some Windows tips

SC.exe in Windows 2000 I have an old blog article regarding the use of SC.exe in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. SC.exe is a powerful commend line tool to control Windows services. It can delete a service without mannully modifying the registry. However, a number of people also tried to use SC.exe in Windows 2000, but they failed. Because SC.exe is not included in any of the Windows 2000 editions. For Windows 2000, SC.exe is a resource kit tool. If you have a printed copy of the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit books, you will have SC.exe in the … Continue reading Some Windows tips