Writing and Project Samples

PROGRAMMING AND WRITING 1. Windows Mobile Starter Kits: Tic Tac Toe and Home Screen Alarm Plugin Description: These two projects were completed when I was working at Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Devices Content Publishing Team (Summer 07). Both programs were written in C++ with easy to understand documentations. I was involved in the design, development, testing and documentation processes. The Tic Tac Toe project focused on Windows Mobile Ink APIs and screen resolution awareness; the Home Screen Alarm Plugin project focused on Windows Mobile 6 Standard Home Screen Plug-in programming. URL (at Microsoft’s web site): http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsmobile/bb264330.aspx 2. EasyCapture User Assistance … Continue reading Writing and Project Samples

Using Eclipse to add/update files to CVS

The command-line based CVS tool is hard to use for first time users; many GUI-based CVS tools are not really well designed to be easy to use either. I’m not against the point that developers and testers should learn how to use a technical tool in no time even though the tool is hard to use, but developers and testers have their schedules and need to be efficient. Having an efficient way to add and update files to CVS is very necessary. Eclipse is the tool I use to deal with CVS file operations. It works really well not only … Continue reading Using Eclipse to add/update files to CVS