Access-Based Enumeration is in Windows Vista

Windows Vista supports to share a single file to one or more users. This is truely a great news for all Windows users since we don’t have to share a whole folder only for a file. But more excited, Access-Based Enumeration is used for sharing single file. What is Access-Based Enumeration? Usually when we share something on our computer, we prevent illegal access by providing different users different permissions. When those users connect to the share folder, all of them are still able to see all of the contents listed, no matter they have permissions to read or write or not. If they … Continue reading Access-Based Enumeration is in Windows Vista

Windows OneCare Beta Preview

By Nuo Yan I’ve been a Windows OneCare Beta tester for several weeks but never had enough time to write an article about this amazing system protection and optimization software. Today, when I finished the latest survey I decided to spend some time to write this article to introduce Windows OneCare. Note: The version of Windows OneCare mentioned in this article is the 0.6.0692.42 build. The features may subject to change in the future versions. Installation  As a beta tester, I installed Windows OneCare through Microsoft BetaPlace. The whole process is web-based on a web site called Windows OneCare live.  I … Continue reading Windows OneCare Beta Preview

Add NICs to Existing Virtual PC

Virtual PC is a fantastic tool to help us build test or experimental environment of Windows Server System. Suppose now we are building a test environment for Windows Server 2003 and its updates. The purpose is to simulate the company’s real network environment and test the Service Pack and other updates. We setup the workstations, member servers and domain controllers on Virtual PC successfully. The next step is to make the scenario as same as the real life environment. We begin to build the Network Address Translation (NAT) server. At this time, we need 2 NICs on the virtual machine. However, by … Continue reading Add NICs to Existing Virtual PC

Where to Find IP Security Monitor in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP?

Microsoft has changed the way IPSec Monitor runs in Windows Server 2003. Dislike it’s in Windows 2000, we can’t start IPSec Monitor by clicking “start”- “Run” then enter “ipsecmon”. In Windows Server 2003, IPSec Monitor becomes a MMC-based tool. We can start it from MMC: Click “start”- “Run” Enter “MMC” Click “File” – “Add/Remove Snap-in…” Click “Add”, and double-click “IP Security Monitor” Click “Close” and click “OK”. We’re all set. Now we can use the powerful tool to check whether our IPSec configurations functions well or not. In Windows XP, IP Security Monitor starts the same way as it is … Continue reading Where to Find IP Security Monitor in Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP?

Enabling IP Routing for Windows XP

We got a few computers (less than 10) in 2 subnets. We have one Windows XP computer with 2 LAN adapters. We want to use this computer as a very simple router in the middle of the two subnets. In NT 4 we can simply open the properties of TCP/IP and check “Enable IP Routing”.  However,  in Windows XP we don’t have this checkbox in TCP/IP properties. To make the same effect, we need to change something in the registry. Click “Start”, click “run” and enter “regedit”. Locate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters”, we can find a value called “IPEnableRouter”. Let’s double click it and set the value … Continue reading Enabling IP Routing for Windows XP

Good Network Connections Diagnostics Tool – Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

You got a new computer or server, and you spent a long time configured all network settings. Now you want to make sure the software, hardware and network connections are functioning normally. A buit-in tool in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 can help you. Click “Start”, click “run” and enter “cmd” to open the Command Console. Enter “netsh diag gui”, the Network Diagnostics tool starts (see the figure below). Click on “Scan your system”, the tool will scan the software, hardware and network connections settings. (see the figure below) When the scaning process completes, it will generate a report to … Continue reading Good Network Connections Diagnostics Tool – Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

Windows XP Shared Computer ToolKit

Today, Microsoft Released the Windows XP Shared Computer ToolKit version 1.0. It’s a very powerful tool for administrators of public computers. It combined almost all the tasks that administrators need to do with shared computers to eight simple steps. The figure below shows the interface. To configure a secure shared computer, we need to configure selected or all (recommended) steps from the 1st to the 8th. Click “Step 1” we will see the details of this step. It’s a cool instruction to teach us how to adjust the partitions for public computers. In “Step 2” we can do a couple … Continue reading Windows XP Shared Computer ToolKit

PageDefrag – Defragment Page Files and Registry Hives

Windows NT Defragment Tool doesn’t defragment pages files and the registry hives. However, in some situations, we need to do this. For example, when we installed a new version of Windows Operating System with the upgrade install option. PageDefrag can help us with defragmenting page files and registry hives. Click “Defragment at next boot” radio box, and click “OK”, it will run defragment at the next time we start the computer. We can also set it to defragment at every boot, though I don’t recommend to do so.   PageDefrag can be downloaded on

Funny Windows XP Pro Installation Experience

I bought a new Dell Dimension 9100 computer last week with Windows XP Home. As an IT person, Windows XP Home edition is obviously not powerful enough for me. Luckily, I have an MSDN Universal subscription, so I planned to install Windows XP Professional for the new box. The first work to do was to create unattended installation. Why unattended? Because my new box comes without a floppy disk, but it comes with SATA hard drives. You know, I cannot press [F6] during text step mode without a floppy. I originally tried to create the unattended answer file and the custom … Continue reading Funny Windows XP Pro Installation Experience