20 Feb 2008

On Protection

Author: q | Filed under: SBS, Security

I”ve already seen several questions floating around following the announcement today about SBS 2008 and some of the product details. SBS 2008 will include a one year trial subscription for both the Forefront Security for Exchange (anti-virus, anti-spam protection for e-mail) and Windows Live One Care for Server. Does that mean you have to use these products to protect your SBS 2008 deployments?

The answer is NO. Just because they”re included in a “trial” version does not mean that you”re locked into using these products. You will be able to remove both Forefront and One Care if you choose and use your own preferred protection software. For businesses who will be “upgrading” from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008, this will likely be the case.

But for new businesses, or businesses who are deploying SBS 2008 as their first server, the inclusion of both Forefront and One Care gives that business, or the consultant who deploys for that business, the opportunity to have protection right out of the box, either while making the decision about an appropriate product for the client, or while waiting for the preferred vendor to release a version of the protection suite that is compatible with SBS 2008, and those may not be ready at the time the product ships.

Bottom line, if you”re not comfortable or familiar with Forefront or One Care and want to use your own protection tools, you will be able to.

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