14 Sep 2009

iPhone OS 3.1 Breaks Exchange Connectivity

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CIO.com broke a story last week about issues relating to Exchange connectivity with the iPhone 3.1 OS update. Essentially, older iPhone models will lose their ability to connect with Exchange 2007 when they install the iPhone OS 3.1 update, the current iPhone models will work fine. According to the Apple KB on this issue, the iPhone 3GS supports device encryption, while the earlier iPhone models do not, and their recommendation is to have the Exchange administrator change the mailbox security policy to stop requiring device encryption.

Right now, there is no good solution other than not updating to iPhone OS 3.1 on older phones if Exchange 2007 (i.e., SBS 2008) is in the mix. While I”m hoping that Apple will do the right thing and figure out how to support device encryption on the older iPhone OS models, the other options of disabling device encryption (*shudder*) or updating the iPhone hardware to the 3GS model (*cough*) aren”t necessarily viable.

If you have customers who are running older iPhones against Exchange 2007, please get the word out that they need to hold off on the iPhone OS 3.1 update until there is a better solution for the Exchange connectivity issue.

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  1. David Thomas Says:

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