28 May 2010

SBS Migration Conference 003

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Second Session: Evolve
Speakers: Jeff Middleton, Matt Mackowicz, Karl Palachuk, George Sierchio

Jeff brought up to the stage a group of people who consult for IT consultants, a veritable “who”s who” in their industry. Each one brings their own specific angle to how they advise their business clients, as indicated by their business tag lines:

George – Run it like you”re going to sell it.
Matt – Let ambition be your mission, everything starts and ends with sales.
Karl – document, docuement, document (but really “relax, focus, succeed”).
Jeff – Take your weekends off.

Jeff asked each of the speakers to detail how they got to the point they are with their current businesses, and each had a very different path that they took to get where they are. Hearing the individual stories leads to a better understanding of how each of the speakers has developed their philosophy and approach.

One point came up that was common among all the speakers:

Slow down and get more done: each agreed that if you”re constantly running at a breakneck pace it”s easy to overlook things and actually be less efficient.

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