28 May 2010

SBSMigration Conference 001

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This weekend I”m back in New Orleans for the third SBSMigration.com IT Professional conference, and I”m really excited about this year”s event. Our industry is changing rapidly of late (see my last post as one small example), and some of the movers and shakers within these changes are here. But it”s also been good to catch up with old friends and make new. When I came to this event its first year in 2007, not only was it an opportunity to catch up with many of my peers that don”t get together very often, but my wife and I met a bunch of new people and made some lifelong friends in the 8 days of the conference and cruise. [Unfortunately, my wife hasn”t been able to attend the last two times, and neither of us have cruised since then.]

For those who are here, we”re looking forward to some really good discussions around our industry and how we as service providers are rethinking the ways in which we service our customers and looking at different tools to allow us to be more efficient in providing that service. We”re also looking forward to reconnecting with others we haven”t interacted with in a while and form new relationships to bring new opportunities. I was reminiscing with just such a contact last night at the reception. We had first met at SMB Nation 2005 in Redmond and have kept in loose contact over the years. That chance meeting, however, has led to each of us providing the other with some business opportunities, so in addition to enjoying each other”s company every time we meet at one of these events, we”ve also been able to throw some money each other”s way.

So,if you”re in New Orleans for the conference this weekend,be sure to say hello to at least three people you haven”t met before. I”m going to try to meet everyone I don”t already know at some point over the weekend, and got a decent start on that last night. And if we haven”t met in person yet, please don”t hesitate to stop me in the hallway or in a group gathering and introduce yourself. 

And if you”re not here, I”m going to be posting summaries of the sessions to this blog as I can (network connectivity and power providing!) during the conference. And I wouldn”t be surprised if there”s a picture or two that may show up as well.

Hop on board, its conference time!

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