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Great tool: Refactor! for ASP.NET beta 2.1.3 is now available (free download to all)

The public build of Refactor! for ASP.NET is here:

This version works in VS 2005 and is suitable for public consumption.

Refactor! for ASP.NET is a free and supported product from Developer Express. It includes 25 refactorings, nine of which are dedicated to ASP.NET development (the other 16 work in VB and C# code-behind files).


After installing, start VS, open an ASP.NET project and simply select or move the caret to the code you want to change.

A smart tag will appear indicating one or more available refactorings. Use the mouse or press Ctrl+` (Ctrl plus the back-tick key). You may create an alternate shortcut binding to the "CodeRush.Refactor" command on the
Keyboard page of the VS 2005 Options dialog. If you press the Refactor! key (Ctrl+`), you'll see a menu of available refactorings for the code selection or element at the caret. If only one refactoring exists, that refactoring will be applied instantly and you'll see a red arrow indicating which refactoring was applied.

Training Videos

12-minute training video (1024x768):

Same training video, full size (for larger monitors):

Screen Shots


ASP.NET developers should contact with any questions, issues, or suggestions concerning this product.

Developer Express has also established a newsgroup at devexpress.public.refactor.asp

Their developers monitor this newsgroup.


This drop includes 25 refactorings, nine of which are dedicated to ASP.NET development:

  • Add Validator
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder
  • Extract ContentPlaceHolder (and create master page)
  • Extract Style (Class)
  • Extract Style (id)
  • Move to Code-behind
  • Move Style Attributes to CSS
  • Rename Style
  • Surround with Update Panel

This drop also includes 16 standard refactorings that work inside *.cs and *.vb code-behind files (most of these refactorings also work on code placed inside <script> tags):

  • Extract Method
  • Extract Property
  • Flatten Conditional
  • Inline Temp
  • Introduce Constant
  • Introduce Local
  • Move Declaration near Reference
  • Move Initialization to Declaration
  • Reorder Parameters
  • Rename
  • Replace Temp with Query
  • Reverse Conditional
  • Safe Rename
  • Simplify Expression
  • Split Initialization from Declaration
  • Split Temporary Variable

Known Issues

  • Extract Style (Class) and Extract Style (id) are not available inside content pages. We will address this in a future release.
  • Surround with Update Panel does not modify the Web.Config file. We are still deciding whether it makes sense to change this or whether it makes more sense to suppress availability of the refactoring if the project is not set up to exploit AJAX.