The search engine every .NET developer was looking for

While watching this DotNetRocks show, I came across the SearchDotNet engine.

SearchDotNet comes in three flavors:

SearchDotNet has OpenSearch support which means that it can be added to the list of search engines in IE7 or Firefox 2.0 (or other OpenSearch client).

Daniel Appleman also keeps a list of other similar custom search engines.

2 Responses to The search engine every .NET developer was looking for

  • Hi I would like to mention another search engine for dot net developers which cover all good sites for dot net and related technologies as of August, 2008.

    This developers search engine is inspired by and I try my best achieve even batter results. Both these developers search engines would greatly help the developer’s community.

    DO test it yourself and let me know your comments.

  • paulo says:

    Cool! But I think you are missing MSMVPS.COM.