Are You Forbidden From Accessing Your Latest MSDN Shipments?

It’s probably because you have the “wrong” main browser language.

I’ve been trying, for over a year, to view my Latest MSDN Shipments with no success. Apparently, I’m forbidden (HTTP response status code 403) to access.

I’ve contacted MSDN subscription’s support several times which has been of no help at all. They seem to be convinced that if they can access it and I delete all my cookies and offline content it will all work; if not, then they are clueless (even with the IEWatch logs I’ve sent).

All this time was able to access in a work colleague’s system and today a thought just popped my mind: “What can possible be the difference between our two systems?”

I jumped right to the first obvious option: browser languages. And, BINGO! My main language is Portuguese (Portugal) [pt-PT] and my colleague’s is English (United States) [en-US].

As soon as I set my main language to English (United States) [en-US], I was no longer forbidden to view my Latest MSDN Shipments.

Mind you that I do have a secondary setting of English (United States) [en-US] on my browser languages.

I’ve tried a few more languages and here are the results:

Language Status
English (United States) [en-US] Allowed
French (France) [fr-FR] Allowed
German (Germany) [de-DE] Allowed
Spanish (International Sort) [es-ES] Allowed
Italian (Italy) [it-IT] Forbidden
Dutch (Netherlands) [nl-NL] Forbidden
Portuguese (Portugal) [pt-PT] Forbidden

2 Responses to Are You Forbidden From Accessing Your Latest MSDN Shipments?

  • PeterRitchie says:

    Wow, that’s rude. Why on Earth would Italian, Dutch Portuguese not default to an allowed language…

  • It get’s even worst.

    1. I had to diagnose it myself.

    2. Italian is one of the language options you have (if you can get there).

    3. Those 3 that failed are just 3 I tryed.