Guidance Bundles From The Web Client Software Factory

The P&P team came up with a new concept for the Web Client Software Factory: Guidance Bundles.

What is a Guidance Bundle?

A Guidance Bundle is a small package of guidance whose purpose is to allow users to quickly, conveniently, and easily learn and evaluate a concept.
Although a Bundle can contain any type of guidance, it typically includes the following elements:

Source code: QuickStarts and related artifacts.
Binaries: Application block binaries required by the QuickStarts .
Written documentation: QuickStarts description and How-To topics.
Guidance Package: Visual Studio Automation for performing development activies in accordance with our guidance.
Reference Implementation: Applications that illustrate usage of our guidance in real-world scenarios.

The first one has already been released:

Contextual Autocomplete Bundle

As a user enters information in a text box on a Web page, a Web page can use AutoComplete behavior to display a list of suggested values which a user can choose from rather than typing the complete term. This is optimal in cases where the list of possible values is too large to be embedded within the page such as with a list box. For example imagine embedding a list of all of the cities in the United States.

See a demo here and get it from here.

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