Validation Guidance Bundle

The P&P team has released another Web Client Software Factory Guidance Bundle. This time is the Validation Guidance Bundle.

What are some scenarios to consider using the guidance in this bundle for?

  • Improving UI responsiveness while reusing entity business validation logic across screens when performing validations such as:
    • Length of Employee name.
    • Employee’s email.
    • Order number is unique.
    • Order is complete.
  • Improving UI responsiveness for applications utilizing Server-Side ASP.NET validators.
  • Determining what type of validation to use for improving responsiveness and security.

Who should use this bundle?

This bundle is for Developers and Architects who are interested in improving the UI Responsiveness of validation in their Line-Of-Business ASP.NET Web applications.

What is in the bundle?

  • Validation QuickStart: source code to demonstrate how to improve UI responsiveness for validation and reuse of validation rules across pages.
  • Validation Application Block from Enterprise Library 3.1: Validation Application Block binary.
  • AJAXControlToolkit.WCSFExtensions.dll: Contains the ServerSideValidationExtender which invokes ASP.NET validators including the Enterprise Library PropertyProxyValidator via AJAX
  • Acceptance Tests: Manual tests that can be executed to walk you through the Quickstart functionality.
  • Documentation: Documentation explaining Validation Guidelines (Security, Schema, and so on) the Quickstart, and how to use the extender.

Check it out. It even has an introduction video (15' - 15MB) by Glenn Block.

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