Handling Support in Agile Teams

Reading Eli's post, got me thinking about this, too.

I think that, if the team is too small, it can't be both agile in development and in support.

How do you satisfy your customers? Immediately satisfy the ones with problems with the existing product or rapidly deliver new features to those waiting for them?

If you can afford a team for training and writing documentation, I think that team can handle support in a reasonable way. except when support involves correcting a bug. Then you are back to developers.

But the problem with developers not being in touch with support issues is that they might loose touch with the real world usage of their products.

If support is mostly about help users with their doubts and not about solving problems in the product itself, the newest trend is to develop and support a community of users that support themselves.

And you can always use TypeMock™ to deliver bug-free products. 😀

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