PDC2008: Building A Schedule

I’m having a hard time building a schedule for the PDC. I’m mainly interested in four areas:

  • Cloud
  • Parallel
  • Identity
  • Oslo

and they all have overlapping sessions.

I guess I’ll have to cook the PDC and Tech-Ed EMEA 2008 Developers schedules together to see if I can cover the most of the subjects.

2 Responses to PDC2008: Building A Schedule

  • Douglas says:

    While i am not able to attend:( I do have a suggestion, Choose the ones that you feel you want to participate in live as all the sessions will be up on vid within 24 hours.

    (now I know that is hard narrowing down also;0

  • paulo says:

    I wnat to participate live in all of them 🙂

    I will never have the time to see all the recordings 🙁