Typemock Isolator 5.0 Is Out With Its New AAA API

Typemock has released version 5.0 of its unit testing tool: Isolator. Check out the release notes.

This new version comes with a new API: Arrange Act Assert:

I’ll have to say that I liked Isolator better over Isolate.

Also new in this version is the inclusion of the help file in the installation package.

VHD Resizer: Tool For Resizing VHD Files

While installing SQL Server 2008 in a Virtual PC virtual machine I run out of disk space.

Looking around, I found this great tool: VHD Resizer. Registration is required to download the tool.

Testing With Multiple Versions Of Internet Explorer

On a previous post I mentioned IETester.

Jorge Moura mentioned TredoSoft’s MultipleIEs and a list of web browsers.

DebugBar, Companion.JS And IETester

Some days ago a colleague of mine pointed out to me this tool (IETester) that allows testing the different rendering and JavaScript engines of Internet Explorer (5.5, 6, 7 and 8beta1) side by side with the installed version.

I haven’t tested IETester yet, but I found two other tools in the site that caught my attention: DebugBar and Companion.JS.

DebugBar is like other tools I use [^] with a few differences. DebugBar is an explorer bar (and docks on the left side of IE) and can’t be undocked but has a JavaScript console and tracks only the HTTP/HTTPS traffic that belongs to the visible web browser tab (IE 7). DebugBar can also spy on other instances of IE like Document Explorer or FeedDemon.

Companion.JS is a Firebug-like tool and was the one that liked the most because it gave me something that I hadn’t: something that kills those annoying scripting error dialogs.

Both DebugBar and Companion.JS claim to be JavaScript debuggers but I couldn’t find any way for setting breakpoints or running scripts step by step. Probably because I have Visual Studio installed on this machine.

Microsoft Source Analysis for C# (aka StyleCop)

I’ve learned from a fellow GASPer of the release of Microsoft Source Analysis for C# (aka StyleCop).

It’s still a work in progress but it’s already very useful.

Typemock Developers Community Site Updated

Typemock has updated its Developers Community Site with new sections.

Besides the forums, there's a new add-ons page where anyone can share her/his tools or snippets (I guess I'll have to brush up my Typemock Snippets For Visual Studio to add there) and an experts page (guess who's there).

Typemock fan Meet the experts

Internet Explorer vs. FireFox

Until recent I had never used FireFox (FF) because Internet Explorer (IE) was good enough for me.

I don't do much web page development and because I own licenses for Visual Studio (VS), HTTPWatch and IEWatch (tried the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar but it keeps bowing up and killing IE and I've seen Nikhil Kothari's Web Development Helper installed and doesn't work well when non US English characters are displayed) I never needed anything else.

Over the years I've seen all the campaigning against IE and promoting FF as a better, more standards compliant, more secure and what else.

A few days back I had to do some work with ASP.NET validation summary and validators and needed to check if it worked on FF.

Talk about disappointment:

  • FireBug is by far no better than the tools I've been using.
  • FF needs its own proxy configurations - For me, any application running on Windows that needs its own proxy settings it's just a badly developed application.
  • (I'm sure I'd find much more if I used it.)

IE isn't a good developer tool yet (not even in IE8 at this time [^]) and it should have been for a long time. Or, at least, VS should have better support HTML and CSS debugging.

But, on the other hand, Windows Internet Explorer is just another application built on top of the Web Browser Control[^] (which is part of the IE installation, but can be used by itself). You can build any Windows application that uses a Web Browser Control (I've built more than one). Looks like the same is not as simple with FF [^].

I don't intend to start a web browser war. I just wanted to state my disappointment. I guess FF fans set my expectation too high.

.NET Reflector Released

Get it from here.

Typemock Isolator v4.2.4 Released

Typemock released version 4.2.4 of its Isolator mock framework.

You can check out the release notes in The Typemock Insider blog and download it from the Typemock Isolator Download page.

Rendering ASP.NET Validators And Validation Summary Property As HTML Attributes

Yesterday I blogged about the cause of ASP.NET validators and validation summary slowness.

At that point I wasn't aware of the existence of the XHTML conformance configuration (thanks Nuno).

With the XHTML conformance configuration set to Legacy, the rendering of controls works like it worked in ASP.NET 1.1.