Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader Fails To Upgrade/Install

Yesterday I was offered an update to Adobe Reader (the latest version for Windows Vista is version 9.1) on my company’s laptop.

I accepted the update but it failed. It was late and a failed update to Adobe Reader was the least of my worries at the time.

Today, when I tried to use Adobe Reader, I noticed it had been uninstalled.

It’s not nice having to download and install something like Adobe Reader when I need to open a document, but the worst came when I tried to install it.

Adobe Reader requires elevated privileges to install but, due to the way the installer works, being a local administrator (I running Vista x64 Enterprise joined to a corporate domain) is not enough to install Adobe Reader on C:\Program Files (x86), because it was still failing.

I had already created C:\Program Files (Utils), to install the Windows Sysinternals tools (in particular, Process Explorer) and did the same for Adobe Reader.

Do you know what was the first name I thought of for this folder? C:\Program Files (Bad)

Just blame it on Vista.