Blogging, Twittering, Publishing And Flaring

Every now and then I get questions about what tools I use to blog, twitter, publish and publicize.

Let’s start on what I use to write blog posts: Windows Live Writer.

To subscribe to feeds, I use FeedDemon and NewsGator.

To share my readings, I use FeedDemon’s and NewsGator’s features for sharing readings and publishing them as an RSS feed.

I started to share my podcast listening through Mevio, but I don’t like the fact that the RSS feed points only to the Mevio site and has no information of the original source.

For publication, I run the feeds through a few services of mine and the publish them through Google FeedBurner.

Google FeedBurner has a few services to power up your feed, track subscriptions and publicize your feeds. You can even publish the feeds with your own domain name. For historical reasons and because FeedBurner doesn’t have an alias feature, I have a few feeds published through FeedBurner.

Paulo Morgado [EN] Paulo Morgado [EN]
Paulo Morgado [EN] Paulo Morgado [EN]
Paulo Morgado [PT] Paulo Morgado [PT]
Paulo Morgado [PT] Paulo Morgado [PT]
Paulo Morgado [Articles] Paulo Morgado [Articles]
Paulo Morgado [Articles] Paulo Morgado [Articles]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts] Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts]

FeedBurner also has some nice animated images that circle through the last 5 posts and are nice to use um blogs and e-mail signatures.

Paulo Morgado [EN]

Paulo Morgado [PT]

With the help of Robert Sparnaaij (an Outlook MVP) I was able to use them as e-mail signatures in Outlook 2007. Because Outlook 2007 doesn’t allow you to insert references to images, you need to edit the signature files directly on the disk. To open the Signatures folder, you need to select the Mail Format tab in the Options window (Tools menu) and click on the Signatures button while holding the CTRL key.

Having all this content published, I also publish my blog posts and readings to Twitter using TwitterFeed.

And to show off how many followers I have on Twitter, I use TwitterCounter.

Which brings me to my Twitter client of choice: Witty.

Finally, all my URL shortening is done using Cligs.

Windows Live Writer Technical Preview

Today Windows Live Writer released a technical preview that includes new and improved features.

From what I’ve seen so far, I like:

  • Revised main toolbar: Blog selection, help and colorize are now on the right.
  • Excel like tabs for view switching. No more selecting a drop down menu to select a view.
  • Improved category control with search/filtering.

I don’t like:

  • Having a predefined set of languages for spell checking. And Portuguese is not one of them.
  • It’s still a pain to change the the language for spell checking.
  • There’s no predefined language setting for each account.

New Weblog at ASP.NET

Responding to Joe Stagner's invitation to blog at the ASP.NET blogging community, I've set up a new blog.

My new blog is at and will be a mirror of my pre existing blog in "English" at MSMVPS. The syndication feed will be the same for both blogs ( like I already have for my two blogs in Portuguese [^][^][^].

Newspaper Style Template for FeedDemon 2.6

I have built a newspaper style template for FeedDemon 2.6 based the supplied Blue Vista but making better use of screen space and adding the post categories to the news item header.

Feel free to use it. There's one caveat though, I couldn't find out why, sometimes, there are categories missing.

FeedDemon 2.6 is out

The latest release of the NewsGator's FeedDemon is out and it's now free. Check out the release notes.

Code Syntax Coloring

I've been asked what I use for code syntax coloring in my blog.

I use Windows Live Writer with VSPaste from Douglas Stockwell.

Sharing My Feed Readings

I've been using NewsGator and it's FeedDemon for a while.

One of the features of FeedDemon are the News Bins:

Store news items in a central location and provide a handy way to collect items from different channels. If you find an interesting item that you might want to read again, just store it in a news bin for future reference. News Bins are synchronized through the NewsGator Online platform, so you can read these items from FeedDemon on other computers as well as other NewsGator readers.

News Bins can be shared as an RSS Feed and I'm sharing one via FeedBurner. If you are curios about what I find interesting, just subscribe to it.

Subscribe to my readings' feed

Paste From Visual Studio Plugin for Windows Live Writer

Reading Mike Gunderloy's Daily Grind 1146 I found out about this Paste From Visual Studio for Windows Live Writer.

I've been using Colin Colle's CopySourceAsHtml but I'll give this one a try.