Hurrah! MVP for the seventh consecutive year!

After all these years, it's still an honor, a privilege ... and a few stressful days.

Blogging, Twittering, Publishing And Flaring

Every now and then I get questions about what tools I use to blog, twitter, publish and publicize.

Let’s start on what I use to write blog posts: Windows Live Writer.

To subscribe to feeds, I use FeedDemon and NewsGator.

To share my readings, I use FeedDemon’s and NewsGator’s features for sharing readings and publishing them as an RSS feed.

I started to share my podcast listening through Mevio, but I don’t like the fact that the RSS feed points only to the Mevio site and has no information of the original source.

For publication, I run the feeds through a few services of mine and the publish them through Google FeedBurner.

Google FeedBurner has a few services to power up your feed, track subscriptions and publicize your feeds. You can even publish the feeds with your own domain name. For historical reasons and because FeedBurner doesn’t have an alias feature, I have a few feeds published through FeedBurner.

Paulo Morgado [EN] Paulo Morgado [EN]
Paulo Morgado [EN] Paulo Morgado [EN]
Paulo Morgado [PT] Paulo Morgado [PT]
Paulo Morgado [PT] Paulo Morgado [PT]
Paulo Morgado [Articles] Paulo Morgado [Articles]
Paulo Morgado [Articles] Paulo Morgado [Articles]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts] Paulo Morgado [Shared Readings]
Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts] Paulo Morgado [Shared Podcasts]

FeedBurner also has some nice animated images that circle through the last 5 posts and are nice to use um blogs and e-mail signatures.

Paulo Morgado [EN]

Paulo Morgado [PT]

With the help of Robert Sparnaaij (an Outlook MVP) I was able to use them as e-mail signatures in Outlook 2007. Because Outlook 2007 doesn’t allow you to insert references to images, you need to edit the signature files directly on the disk. To open the Signatures folder, you need to select the Mail Format tab in the Options window (Tools menu) and click on the Signatures button while holding the CTRL key.

Having all this content published, I also publish my blog posts and readings to Twitter using TwitterFeed.

And to show off how many followers I have on Twitter, I use TwitterCounter.

Which brings me to my Twitter client of choice: Witty.

Finally, all my URL shortening is done using Cligs.

MSDN Ramp Up Program

MSDN Ramp Up Program

I just came across this: www.MyRampUp

Ramp Up is a free, online, community-based program that can help users save time in learning Microsoft technology.

The easy-to-access content (provided by subject-matter gurus) is specifically tailored to the Ramp Up program, and offered in a variety of forms (whitepaper, v-lab, codecast and slidecast).

Program Guide

The currently available routes are:

SharePoint for Developers track - learn more

Visual Studio 2008 track - learn more

Aspiring Developer - learn more

Success with Java and C# - learn more

Next Level Visual Basic - learn more

Next Level Microsoft.NET - learn more

Currently, there are no assessments in the program, so it's quicker than ever to graduate and receive the reward (25% off on certification and 50% off on e-Learning - only for graduates of Ramp Up).

E-Reference Library Subscription Discount Offer for The Community

Microsoft Press has created an exclusive discount URL for the E-Reference Library that MVPs can pass along to the broader community without any limitations or restrictions.

To create a trial subscription, community referrals should use the Trial URL (

Any community referrals who subscribe to E-Reference Libraries through the Subscription URL ( will receive a 40% discount on a one-year subscription.

This discount offer ends on September 30, 2008.

Pedro Félix Is Blogging

Pedro Félix is blogging about WCF.

Typemock Developers Community Site Updated

Typemock has updated its Developers Community Site with new sections.

Besides the forums, there's a new add-ons page where anyone can share her/his tools or snippets (I guess I'll have to brush up my Typemock Snippets For Visual Studio to add there) and an experts page (guess who's there).

Typemock fan Meet the experts

Upgrading the WCSF EventBroker Extension to WCSF 2.0

While preparing the demos for my session at TechDays Portugal 2008, I've noticed some changes in the Web Client Software Factory 2.0 that prevented the EventBroker Extension from compiling and running.

The problem ended out just being a little change in the WebClientApplication class. The virtual methods related to creating the builders changed.

To fix this, all it's needed is editing the WebClientApplication class (CompositeWeb\WebClientApplication.cs, line 35).

Just replace the CreateBuilder override:

protected override Microsoft.Practices.CompositeWeb.ObjectBuilder.WCSFBuilder CreateBuilder(bool isSingleton)
    // Our builder adds an EventBrokerStrategy to the build.
    WCSFBuilder builder = new WCSFBuilder();
    builder.Policies.SetDefault<ISingletonPolicy>(new SingletonPolicy(isSingleton));
    return builder;

with an override of the AddBuilderStrategies method:

protected override void AddBuilderStrategies(IBuilder<Microsoft.Practices.CompositeWeb.ObjectBuilder.WCSFBuilderStage> builder)

Don't forget that if you want to run it in IIS7 Integrated Pipeline mode, you have a few more changes to make.

Web Client Software Factory 2.0 shipped

Web Client Software Factory 2.0

February 2008 Release



About the Deliverable

The Web Client Software Factory (WCSF) provides a set of guidance for architects and developers building enterprise Web applications. The factory includes samples, reusable code and a guidance package which automates key development tasks from within Visual Studio.

Using the Web Client Software Factory assets, developers can create Composite Web applications composed of independently developed and deployed modules. These modules are dynamically brought together at runtime into a common shell. Additionally the factory includes support for ASP.NET AJAX thus providing users with a richer and more responsive user experience.

New In This Release

The February 2008 release of the Web Client Software Factory has the following improvements to the June 2007 release.

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5
  • Added ASP.NET AJAX extenders for Context Sensitive Autocomplete, AJAX Validation, and Real Time Search that can be used in existing ASP.NET sites and ASP.NET sites built using the Composite Web Application Block.
  • Added UI Composition capability through extending our dependency injection mechanism to support Pages, User Controls and Master Pages.
  • Added Dependency Injection on ASMX Web Services and JSON services.
  • Added a new set of Quickstarts and How-To topics on MVP, Modularity and the new AJAX extenders
  • Added a new Order Entry Reference application that demonstrates all of the new functionality.

In addition, this release of WCSF has the following community issues and fixes:

  • 42 Workitems closed including the top-voted items on CodePlex
  • Add ASP.NET AJAX Support (97 votes)
  • Web Client Software Factory Support for Enterprise Library 3.1 (62 votes)
  • Services through configuration (32 votes)
  • Support for using the Validation Application Block (16 votes)
  • Recipe support for Visual Basic .NET (20 votes)
  • Added Presenter support for Master Pages (11 votes)

Techdays Portugal 2008 – For A World 2.0

Microsoft Portugal will be hosting Techdays 2008 from Mars 12nd to 14th, right after the Portuguese launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Mars 11th.

This is the biggest and greatest tech event in Portugal and there will be lots of national and international speakers and contests.

I'll be there. Come visit us.

New Weblog at ASP.NET

Responding to Joe Stagner's invitation to blog at the ASP.NET blogging community, I've set up a new blog.

My new blog is at and will be a mirror of my pre existing blog in "English" at MSMVPS. The syndication feed will be the same for both blogs ( like I already have for my two blogs in Portuguese [^][^][^].