Enterprise Library 3.1 Released

You can download here.

Before you get too excited, according to Tom Hollander, this is really just a maintenance release addressing a small number of issues discovered since the release of 3.0. Here is a summary of the main changes:

Policy Injection Application Block
  • The default Remoting Policy Injector can now be replaced with alternative interception mechanisms via configuration without modifying the application block code
  • Call Handler attributes are now honored correctly when placed on interface methods
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate handlers where matching rules matched both a class and its interface
  • Classes implementing COM interfaces (including those deriving from System.Windows.Forms.Form) can now be intercepted
  • TraceLogEntry class is now serializable, allowing it to be used with the MSMQ Trace Listener
Validation Application Block
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the PropertyComparisonValidator from working with the Windows Forms integration adapter
  • The message template for the PropertyComparisonValidator can now be saved using the configuration tools.
Data Access Application Block
  • Connection strings for OLEDB and ODBC connections can now be edited using custom dialog boxes from the configuration tools

David S. Platt Has Posted An Event Visualizer for CAB

David S. Platt has posted an Event Visualizer for CAB. I'll have to check it out.

VSIPFactory – A Software Factory for Visual Studio Extensibility

The VSIPFactory is a software factory for Visual Studio extensibility.

Smart Client Software Factory – May 2007 Release is Live

(From Blaine Wastell's post and Mariano Szklanny's post)

You can now download the SCSF - May 2007 release. The new release provides support for .NET 3.0. The release is propagating to the download servers and should be available when you read this. If not, be patient and try a little later.

The release provides:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation interoperability CAB extensions  and View with presenter recipe (don't miss this post from Miguel Saez for more details)
  • Offline application blocks and recipes; the application blocks support asynchronous calls to WCF web services.
  • Richer ClickOnce Deployment capabilities
  • Enhanced guidance packages which includes code generation Visual Basic .NET 2005 (don't miss this post from Juan Arguello for more details)
  • Improved installation with a new dependency checker
  • Compatibility with Enterprise Library 3.1.

Here are instructions to install the factory. The team has created a new Getting Starting topic on Codeplex. This topic includes instructions to create a Hello World Application with the factory.

Check it out and let them know how you like it.

And this means that the team is going to start it's work on the Web Client Software Factory.