Social Networking Overload

There’s been a growth of social networks and the the addition of social networking features to other sites.

Nowadays, you can find a vas variety of social networks:

There’s also a some professional networks that offer almost the same features but targeting the professional life of its users:

Some aim to be both, like Plaxo.

My problem is that I have friends and professional contacts in all these networks and it’s a pane to keep track of it all.

Even with OpenSocial, most networks are more concerned in capturing users then providing feeds to be aggregated by other networks.

You can even create your own social network on Ning.

I’d like that these networks would provide feeds in a standard protocol that could be consumed by my friends and professional contacts in the network of their choice (as long as I would accept that network).

But, like OpenID. Everyone wants to be a provider. Accepting OpenIDs as valid logins is not so appetizing.