Fixing Windows Virtual PC Missing “Create Virtual Machine” Folder Option

Some of my Windows 7 systems, after installing Windows Virtual PC, were missing the Create virtual machine option.

Bob Comer directed me to this post from the Virtual PC Guy's Blog but, before trying the recipes in the post (which involved logging out or restarting the system), I simply tried the Reset Folders option in the View tab of the Folder Options. And it immediately solved the problem.

So, if you are having this same problem, you might want to try this simple solution first.

In the end, just in case, I also added start menu shortcuts to:

  • Windows Virtual PC Wizard


  • Windows Virtual PC Settings


VHD Resizer: Tool For Resizing VHD Files

While installing SQL Server 2008 in a Virtual PC virtual machine I run out of disk space.

Looking around, I found this great tool: VHD Resizer. Registration is required to download the tool.

Using Windows Server 2008 As A Desktop Operating System

When I installed my new machine I considered installing Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V. But this my desktop not my server and I like desktopy things on my desktop and I don't need virtual machines running all the time, I thought Windows Vista plus Virtual PC 2007 (although x64 support on virtual machines would be nice) would be the right choice.

Yesterday I was trying the Developer Interface from InnerWorkings and I couldn't get it to work because Internet Explorer kept popping up Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration errors from the InnerWorkings' Visual Studio add-in which blocked Visual Studio.

I know Rui uses Windows Server 2008 as his laptop operating system (as well as António) and I asked Rui how I could get rid of Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. Rui pointed me to this blog posts:

Looking through Systweak's series of posts about the Windows Server 2008 Desktop (see below) almost made me regret having installed Windows Vista instead of Windows Server 2008. But my next laptop will definitely be running on Windows Server 2008.

Windows Server 2008 Desktop