Lisa Feigenbaum :: [WEBCAST] A Lap around Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2010

Come learn about what’s coming in the next release of Visual Basic. Code faster with language features like implicit line continuation, auto-implemented properties, statement lambdas, interoperability with dynamic languages, simplified Office application deployment, and more! Understand, navigate, and test code more easily than ever with the latest code-focused tools. Take advantage of multi-monitor support, zoom, and rich extensibility in the newly designed IDE. In this demo-packed session, we’ll show how to use all of these new capabilities to boost your development experience with Visual Studio 2010!

Lisa Feigenbaum is a Community Program Manager for Visual Studio Managed Languages. She has been a member of the Visual Basic team since 2004. Before her current role, Lisa was the Program Manager for the Visual Basic Editor and Debugger. You can find Lisa on Channel9 or read her posts on the VB team blog Before joining Microsoft, Lisa earned an M.Sc. and B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

NOTA: Para los que no podais asistir al CodeCamp aclarar que esta sesión será un comunicación online con Redmond y se hará en inglés.
Nivel: 200

On : 18th October 2009, 17:15PM (GMT+1)
Toll free: +1 (866) 500-6738
Toll: +1 (203) 480-8000
Participant code: 3116969
Attendee URL:

 World Wide Access Telephone Numbers
Spain, Madrid Microsoft IT 91 391 98 00 


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