Adventures in la Mancha : Quixote, Edison, Microsoft and Pep :-)

In a town in La Mancha, whose name I do not wish to recall…

I was talking to a noble knight about the advantages of using Intel Edison for best epic adventures in our daily work. Meantime Sancho assistant seems to be unhappy because their days may come to an end.
At last these two gentlemen adventurers decided to put his genius to work and write the best epic story taking advantage of the advice from the last Microsoft build (see yellow shirt), the Edison board with his shield, sword and spear. We only need to find a good Rocinante on the Cloud.

As Don Quixote and Pep do not miss your summer as a statue, trust me the summer is the best time to write and invent unbelievables stories to join us for the rest of the year.


Hey!! Happy new adventures for everybody this hollidays with the best hardware and software.

PS. I will try to convince Don Quixote and Cervantes so that when we finish writing our new history going asap to publish all on

Big handshake!