CDDNect 2017 – Dances with clouds

Dances with clouds (2017 edition)

Pep Lluís Baño
Level : 100
Capacity : 30
Date and Time
5/27/2017 11:40 AM

In this session, we will discuss about our particular vision of IoT world today, what’s new about hardware platforms & electronics getting close with the main maker’s communities, platforms and their environments.

We want share lot of things from hackster.IO, discover node-red, just understand and take an overview when and why can use IoT Hubs, who is data streaming and storage, machine learning and power bi.

Join with us to hear about real stories of how an IoT project becomes an adventure can participate in a race around the world in extreme conditions surfing over the deep oceans.

About the speakers

Pep Lluís Baño
MS MVP – Visual Studio and Development Technologies
Spanish Hackster IO Ambassador

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