Reloaded : Connect things to Azure IoT HUB with Arduino and Visual Studio Code

Detalles : Hackters-BCN – Meetup


Disponemos de Diez KIT’s Os recordamos que es necesario traer vuestro portátil!

Come with us to learn about an Arduino compatible board with rich peripherals that uses Visual Studio Code for development.
Our goal is to demonstrate the ease of developing IoT apps by leveraging the power of the cloud.
Learn about, Mbed, Arduino, C++ and Azure, debugging in live from Visual Studio Code!

What can I do with it?
Basically, all the cool stuff you can do with an Arduino can be done with the DevKit. And since it has many popular sensors and actuators on it, you no longer need to spend time wiring and soldering them together. And if you really want to use extra sensors such as camera, GPS or etc., there is an edge connector on the board that is compatible with BBC Micro:bit accessories. Extensibility is no problem.
To start developing, deep drive into the next DevKit workshop, to get started and learn how prepare the development environment.

We are fully aware of the role samples play in helping developers quickly build working demos and learn key concepts. That’s why we are establishing several projects to soft start. Every project is a small IoT application that uses multiple sensors and cloud services. With a step-by-step walkthrough, a developer can easily pick up and finish a project in minutes. Our first project “Shake, shake” uses Azure IoT Hub and Azure Functions to retrieve a random tweet and display it on the DevKit screen.

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