Thoughts on Some Legal Disclaimers

Raymond Chen blogged recently about a disclaimers for a particular prize and it got me thinking about how inane some of these disclaimers are or how inane the circumstances are.

Some disclaimers make sense and should be there: “professional driver on closed course” and “don’t try this at home”.  Some examples of the inane disclaimers or circumstances:

“Simulated Image”  So, you’re expecting us to accept that your product is so poor that a simulated image on your product (TV, cell phone, etc) in the commercial was necessary?

“Results not typical”  Really, you’re bending the truth and concentrating only on the positive superlative results?  And people buy into it…

Email disclaimers.  There are a special breed of stupid.  For example: “This e-mail is intended for the addressee shown. It contains information that is confidential and protected from disclosure. Any review, dissemination or use of this transmission or its contents by persons or unauthorized employees of the intended organisations is strictly prohibited.”  If that were truly the case, why did you essentially broadcast the email across the Internet?  Do you really think that makes the company devoid of any responsibility?  Some of these disclaimers are actually larger than the real content.  It would be interesting to see what proportion Internet bandwidth is a result of disclaimers (not including SPAM bandwidth…).

One thought on “Thoughts on Some Legal Disclaimers

  1. Well, I went from a new post on Raymond’s blog to a 2-year-old post on Raymond’s blog to a 2-year-old post here — which still have comments open, so I figured, What the hey….

    Year ago, I actually read all the disclaimers on the back of a concert ticket:

    “Non-Transferable” which means that only the buyer can use the ticket, which makes it rather hard to bring a date, and make you wonder why they let you buy up to four of them.

    “Resale Prohibited” which means that when I give this ticket to someone else (which I’m not allowed to do), they aren’t allowed to give me money for it.

    “Maximum Resale Premium $5.00” which means that when I give this ticket to someone else (which I’m not allowed to do), the amount of money they give me (which they’re not allowed to do) may not exceed $5 more than what I paid for it.

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