Visual Studio Revert-to-saved macros

I often run into situations where I’d like to undo all the work I’ve done in a file.  Some applications refer to this as Revert-to-saved.  Visual Studio 2005 does not seem to have a function to do this.  So, I’ve written a couple macros to do this.

The first, RevertToSaved simply calls Undo until it can’t undo anymore.  This is much faster than holding the Ctrl-Z key down, and keeps your undo buffer.

    Sub RevertToSaved()

        While DTE.ActiveDocument.Undo() = True


        End While

    End Sub

The second, RevertToSaved2, is a little more brute force–it simply closes the current project item and reopens it, attempting to return to the same cursor location.

    Sub RevertToSaved2()

        Dim projectItem As EnvDTE.ProjectItem = DTE.ActiveDocument.ProjectItem

        If Not projectItem Is Nothing Then

            Dim activeLine As Integer = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.ActivePoint.Line

            Dim lineCharOffset As Integer = DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection.ActivePoint.LineCharOffset


            Dim window As EnvDTE.Window = projectItem.Open()

            If Not window Is Nothing Then


                window.Document.Selection.MoveToLineAndOffset(activeLine, lineCharOffset)

            End If

        End If

    End Sub


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